IPL Pro Hair Removal

More information about our IPL PRO HAIR REMOVAL can be found in this thread. If you need help with specific matter, feel free to email us and submit your questions or concerns. 

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It is a type of light therapy used to treat wrinkles, spots, and unwanted hair. This is a very resourceful device that benefits your skin with various uses and painless treatments.

Pigment cells in your skin absorb the light energy that comes from the IPL PRO Hair Removal. Once absorbed, it then converts into heat. The heat then destroys the hair follicles to prevent hair from regrowing. IPL also helps to clear and minimize light freckles, wrinkles, sun damage, varicose veins, purpura, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation. Other benefits also includes producing or stimulates the growth of collagen in your skin giving you that glow and youthful appearance.

There have been numerous worldwide studies that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of IPL for hair removal. Due to this fact, it has become an extremely popular safe-at-home treatment.
Use caution when treating yourself as not everyone is suitable for IPL treatments. Due to the level of melanin in the skin, some darker skin tones will not be able to use IPL. The same applies if you have a recent tan and if you have a light blonde, red, white, or grey hair. Additionally, we advise to check with your doctor first if you are taking medication that may make your skin sensitive to light.

If you feel pain and discomfort when using the handset, we always recommend starting from level 1 intensity and gradually increase to your preferred intensity level. Most of IPL users feel warm sensation when using this device. 

Most of our customers start seeing results in just 3-4 treatments. Please be mindful that results varies from person to person.

We recommend using IPL Pro Hair Removal ONCE a week for 12 WEEKS. After this, continue using the handset ONCE a month for 3 months or until you are satisfied. 

If there is no visible hair growth seen, you may continue using IPL once every 2-3 months or as needed.

Our IPL Pro Hair Removal is designed and upgraded to produce 500,000 Pulse Light which lasts 20 years of recommended uses. 

Hair - IPL relies on melanin to target the hair follicles. Therefore, IPL is not as effective on very light blonde, red, white, or grey hair as it is on darker hair. For Blonde Hair, it may take longer and needs additional treatments to achieve your desired results.
Skin Tone - IPL works on most skin tone. However, it is not recommended for darker skin tones.

No, our IPL Pro Hair Removal is designed to flash only when in contact with skin and detects hair. Regardless of its feature, you should never look directly into the light as it flashes. 

You can definitely use this device on your entire body. Please be sure to avoid getting too close to your eyes.

You need to shave the area first before using IPL PRO Hair Removal. Otherwise, IPL won't be effective if the hair is too long (the hair will burn if not shaved). Also, avoid using other hair removal method such as waxing, plucking, or epilate. This will remove the hair roots which what absorbs the light from the Handset to be effective.

AVOID the following:
- Direct Sunlight
- Do not use creams and other products that contain vitamin A, such as RetinA, or glycolic acid.
- Do not consume drugs that increase your bleeding risk such as Aspirin(Ecotrin) and Ibuprofen(Advil)
- Collagen injections
- Chemical peels
- Waxing, plucking, and Epilate
- Tanning beds

Please avoid using IPL over tattoos, dark freckles, or moles.

There is no actual evidence or studies that IPL is harmful to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. As a precaution, we don't recommend the use of this handset if you are pregnant or nursing.

Before Tanning: Wait 48 Hours after using this handset. 

After Tanning: Use handset after two weeks.

Please avoid using other hair removal method such as waxing, plucking, or epilate. This will remove the hair roots which what absorbs the light from IPL to be effective.

The Handset is adjustable to 5 different intensity levels (1 as the lowest and 5 as the highest).

For First time users, it is highly suggested to start from the lowest intensity level and gradually increase the level as you go. Please refer to the manual for more information.

There are two different flash methods:

Press the Flash button once for Single Flash Mode and hold the Flash Button for Continuous Flash Operation.

Janette's Beautique IPL Pro Hair Removal has multiple Wavelengths that range from 470nm - 1100nm (in nanometers)